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Robert A. Boatright, President


Robert has more than 20 years of experience turning successful companies into magnificently successful companies and turning low-performing companies into exceptionally high-performing companies.  Today he is using that experience in the real estate industry to grow his own business into yet another remarkable success story – Realest Solutions, which rehabs houses and manages rental properties as it expands into commercial properties and spreads outward from metro Kansas City, MO, into Florida, Texas, Nebraska, and beyond.


He has accomplished his successes for some of the largest companies in America by using a simple but powerful philosophy:  He simply believes (and has proved over and over) that when you help your sales teams, your teams will give you success.  Robert has molded large and small sales teams – often scattered in multiple states – into great money-making machines by generously sharing his knowledge, experience and instincts with his teams.  They then "reward" him with their own outstanding sales performance and satisfied customers.


Robert has a wall full of salesman-of-the-year awards and speaker-of-the-year awards, but Robert's greatest reward is simply pride in doing his best – and helping others do their best.  Over the years he has delivered countless presentations that motivate and inspire.  He also delights in formulating strategies that result in dramatic increases in annual profits and grand turnarounds for lagging organizations.


Married for the last 29 years, Robert is also immensely proud father to his four children and grandpa to five grandchildren.